Baby Blanket

After realizing the initial flannel that I had selected clashed with my baby print fabric, I spend an afternoon searching around for a suitable backing. I found several that I liked, but all of them had a very “boyish” fee to them so I finally settled on a red cotton print (I had really hoped for flannel).

As you can see, even the dog likes this! I also made a coordinating burp rag out of the left over fabric so that she would have a coordinating set.

I still had enough of the knit (monster) fabric left over so I set out to make a pair of knit baby leggings. I wound up using this pattern and then had to scrap everything because the INSTRUCTIONS ARE WRONG. The tutorial has you sewing the front pieces together first (when it should be one front and one back). I knew this sounded wrong initially but I was caught up watching\listening to a show at the same time that I was working that I never gave it another thought. Oh well, at least I have a nice little package that is coming together nicely even without the pants!

One thought on “Baby Blanket

  1. Barb Barna

    I have sewn pants that way for years and years…not had a problem…did it not go together properly?


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