Sweatery Sweatshirt

With a bit of finagling and some creative placement, I decided that I had just enough sweater knit left to squeeze out a long sleeve top. I opted to go with Jalie 3355 – even though it’s designed to be a sweatshirt, I’ve seen plenty of sweatery tops in this style lately that I was confident it would work out alright. And here you have it, the Sweatery Sweatshirt:

Jalie 3355 in a floral sweater knit from SoSewEnglish Fabrics

The only modification that I had to make with this is cutting the hem band in two pieces (leaving a seam allowance at each end). Otherwise, I sewed this one straight out of the package and wore it out last night (with a pair of jeans and some fuzzy boots). I’m pretty pleased with the end result – it’s definitely different than anything else I own, which is a nice change of pace!