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With the sewing room overhaul complete, I can finally get back to sewing… or a least prepping for sewing. Since my next project is a test garment, I can’t really show you what I’m working on, but I can show you the fabric.

Floral Sweater Knit from SoSewEnglish

The lighting is terrible, but the background of this sweater knit is actually a navy blue and the floral is pretty vibrant. I had originally purchased this material sometime last year because I thought I wanted to make a Mama Darcey Duster, but sometime between ordering this fabric and it arriving, I changed my mind about the project (probably because I realized I would rarely wear a duster). This fabric sat for quite awhile, just waiting for the right pattern… and I’m so thrilled to have finally found one. Now that the pattern pieces are cut, I’m hoping I have enough left to make some sort of sweatery top out of it, but looking at what I have left, I’m pretty sure I won’t (and I have vowed I am not keeping the remnant – I’m not getting that started again after the big closet clean out).

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  1. Cschwab

    I have found I get a lot of use out of sleeveless shell tops, in all seasons, and they usually go well with lots of different cardigans- investigate if you have enough for that maybe?

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