For years, I’ve been using a small(ish) thread rack to hold my spools. It was never really large enough to hold everything (so they just stacked and spilled onto my table) and would sometimes get knocked down because of it’s location. But this weekend I changed all that.

I wound up purchasing a June Tailor Mega thread rack which holds 120 spools and hung it up along with my smaller rack. As you can see, it’s almost completely full! It also keeps my table a bit more free of clutter and I can see what colors I own a lot better (I also noticed they sell a cone rack which may be my next investment… the smaller rack really doesn’t hold these well at all).

But let’s take a moment to talk about those racks. Both come with stands and you supposedly can use them without (which you would assume would be for hanging), but there aren’t any holes\brackets to hang the largest size! I can’t imagine how much space this would take up as a stand (or how frustrating it would be to knock over) and was really disappointed that I had no way to put it on the wall. What we wound up doing is taking off the legs and using them as scrap to attach to the top, back row of the rack, then attaching a bracket to that so it can hang on a nail. FYI if you wind up getting one for yourself and want to mount it!