If you follow my Instagram, the photos I’m about to show you aren’t really much of a surprise. First up, Halloween! This year, Easton has picked Fortnite’s Panda Team Leader (you can read about the Inspiration, costume info, and accessories in these posts).

In a surprise turn of events, Easton’s school let the kids wear their costumes all day – but between the weight and awkwardness of the back bling and the giant head (I am 99% sure it wouldn’t even fit in his locker) and how hot the suit was, we determined that this costume wasn’t going to work very well at school… so we opted for something easy: Jake from State Farm. It was quick and easy and we both thought it was silly.

So what else do I have to show off? My Sister Imperator dress… at least part of it. I worked up the nerve to wear it to our concert last week. I figured it would sit in my closet otherwise and this was the perfect event to wear it to since it was inspired by the band’s most recent video AND lots of people “dress up” at their show anyway. I wound up altering the neckline some from my original garment so that it looked a bit ore like the inspiration and stayed up a lot better (not to mention the fact that I could wear a regular bra). We did a meet & greet so here’s our shot of us with the lead singer (and if you’re wondering he does wear a mask).