Back Bling

So, my attempt a making “Bamboo Back Bling” for Easton’s Halloween costume didn’t quite go as planned (I’ve attached the inspiration picture so you can see what we were going for)… I honestly thought this would be a piece of cake, but of course nothing ever quite goes as planned.

The first issue was cutting. I totally thought I could quickly hacksaw each piece myself. Apparently, we don’t own a hacksaw…. so Bret had to use a circular saw to cut it all (I did try a hand saw first which really did nothing but make me feel like I might lose a finger!).  Next came painting – it just was too green! So I wound up distressing it some (which looks better in person than on the photo). The came the issue of attaching everything together. Initially, I thought that I could just glue it all together, but never took into consideration that all the pieces wouldn’t lay evenly together (the rods aren’t perfectly straight plus you have the intermittent nodules)… so we had to place screws inside the ends of the rods to keep them together. Adding the rope and fake greenery? That was totally easy.

We still have to attach the straps so they can be worn, but thankfully the hardest (let’s hope) part is over. The full costume reveal will be on Friday!