With Halloween only a week away, I figured I had better get started on Easton’s Halloween costume. This is where I’m at today…. all I have left is the elastic around the wrists and ankles.

I wound up making a few alterations to this pattern: First off, the belly is way too small for what I needed. I wound up extending this so that if falls about 6″ above the crotch line (I also eliminated the “dip” on the top edge so that it is rounded and not heart shaped). Secondly, I took in the costume almost 1″ on all the seams. It’s a very “roomy” costume, but he was wanting something more fitted like his Fortnite skin inspiration (you can see the photo of what he is after in this post).

Today it’s work on the bamboo back bling part of his costume. I think I have it figured out as to how it should be constructed so I think I’m ready to get started!

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