This weekend we hit the road to take Easton to (finally) fulfill his birthday present: tickets to see Ed Sheeran. I know this is a sewing site, so I won’t go on and on, but what I will say is, “wow that man is talented”. He put on a 2 hour show, by himself, with nothing on stage besides his guitar and a looper machine. Amazing. Not to mention the fact that he filled an entire football stadium… by himself (and it was cold, too).

So I had lofty goals that when we returned last night I would get a sudden burst of energy and whip up something new for today. But alas, no. I was completely sapped of energy and didn’t even think about anything sewing related. So, today, it’s back to the grind. I plan on re-starting the project I flubbed up last week (cross your fingers that I don’t mess it up again), starting Halloween sewing, and tackling a few selfish sews too!