Halloween is just a few weeks away… which means it’s crunch time in sewing up a costume for Easton. This year he has decided on Fortnite’s Panda Team Leader.

Easton has always been one for “authenticity” in his costumes (he will make a great cosplayer some day), so he is wanting “leg armor” and “bamboo back bling” to make his outfit complete.  The first obstacle was finding a “full” panda head he could wear (this was one of his requirements)…. because I’m not even attempting to make that myself. Fortunately, I found one (and cheap too) at Walmart. Believe it or not, my next issue was finding fabric. Why is short, black fur so hard to find? I searched all over and finally settled on some Velboa plush from Fabric Emprie’s Etsy shop. The upside with this is that it doesn’t shed like a “regular” fur and has a soft backing so it’s not uncomfortable to wear. Lastly, there’s the pattern: I opted for Simplicity 2855 – it’s the closest I could get to the actual design without trying to heavily modify a onesie pattern myself (I do plan on taking in the final design to get a slimmer look, but this fabric doesn’t stretch so we’ll see how comfortable that winds up being). As for the back bling, we’re winging it. I found natural bamboo at the store and plan on having it cut down and spray painting it green to give it a similar vibe.

Now the big question. What’s the price breakdown of this outfit? I’m guessing that this will increase slightly as I still need paint and glue for the back bling, but here’s the initial breakdown:

Total Cost:

Pattern….. $1.99
Fabric……. $39.05
Notions…. $5.50
“Props”…. $37.57*

Total $84.11

*Props includes the cost of back bling materials and a giant foam pick axe.