My grandma once joked that she should have “Everything I touch turns to sh!t” engraved on her headstone… and sometimes I feel the same. While so many of my projects seem to turn out without a hitch, I also seem to have a stream of failures intermixed as well (they really do seem to happen in bunches).

As often as I share my successes, I like to share the losers as well… because we all have projects like those and it’s nice to know we’re not alone. Plus, you can always learn from another’s mistake. So what is my latest misstep? A huge project that was eaten by my embroidery machine. I was 5 hours into my embroidery project when I stopped babysitting my project to go to the bathroom. Of course, that’s when it decided to catch an edge of the fabric, pull it into the stitches, and just go to town. I attempted to fix it, but not only did I rip the material (it’s very delicate), but created holes in the most obvious place. Heartbreak, because this was totally my fault. I would show you the damage, but this is for an article and that would just give too much away.

The upside is that I know exactly what I’m doing the next time around (placement is key in this project) and that I was able to get more material. I’m also going to make sure that I pause the machine for any bathroom breaks.