What a Difference

I’ve been working on several large embroidery pieces lately. I had really wanted to do this design on leather (I know, detailed embroidery like this doesn’t usually work that well, but I’m a rule breaker) so I started on the copper goat skin (middle). The design worked beautifully, but the skin is so shiny it really detracts from the overall design, plus it didn’t match my hardware….

My second attempt was the pink calf skin (top). In the back of my head, I sort of knew this wasn’t going to work – it’s just too supple. From a distance, it looks “ok”, but even with a small leather needle, you could see the holes and it stretched just enough that the design shifted out of alignment ever so slightly. I stopped mid stitching on this one because I thought that the roses would just rip the whole thing entirely.

My last attempt was a home decor weight cotton. It stitched out perfectly and looks great.

So what was the whole point about this post? First off, material matters – not all fabrics are alike and respond differently to the design you’re stitching out. If you can, test swatch! Secondly color matters! All of these were used with the same colors, (with the exception of the antlers on the copper version, I swapped out for a slightly darker shade after), but look quite different on their background.