Epic Fail

This weekend I decided to make myself a kimono – sketching out a pattern\measurements that I wanted to use. I was so confident in how I drafted it that I pulled out my “good” fabric (a great crepe rayon that I got in a SoSewEnglish bundle)… but even as I was cutting I could see that things weren’t quite right in the front, but I forged ahead and got this. An Epic Fail.

While this looks pretty decent on the manequin, keep in mind that there are no hems and the front barely covers the bust. Plus, I realized that I took in too much for the sleeve so it not only feels tight, but further pulls the front off the bust. Bummer, I thought this was going to be pretty cute.

So, today, I’m determined to rework my design – I have some ideas what I’m doing differently this time, so I’m guessing I’ll see some dramatically different results. More tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “Epic Fail

  1. Meg

    Well, spit. (That’s the worst word my late MIL ever, ever uttered.) I like the fabric. Do you have enough leftover fabric to make a band along the front edge? I hope so!

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