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Linky Thursday

They are predicting SNOW this weekend. Snow! I may need one of these flannel and fleece blankets to stay warm.

With Halloween just a few weeks away, it’s time to start decorating! Things don’t have to be scary, especially if you make this adorable Boo-yah! Cute Ghosties Hoop Art.

Love ribbons, but never quite sure how you should incorporate them into your projects? This barrel tote is a great way to show off your favorite trims.

I love the tie front tops that I’ve made, so why shouldn’t little girls have their own version, too? What makes it better? That it’s free!

Kate Spade made fabulous bags. Now you can make one inspired by her famous bucket bag.

Enter to win a copy of My First Book of Sewing. While you’re there, be sure to check out her 12 ideas for Christmas sewing projects – because Christmas is only 75 days away!

Walk out of your sewing room with a trendy square top in just 30 minutes.

Cool weather means it’s a great time for layering. This hooded wrap coat is a great look to take off the chill.

Need a quick Halloween accessory? Be sure to check out my latest tutorial at WeAllSew for the Lil’ Devil Headband.

Speaking of Halloween, are you needing some inspiration? He’re a tutorial for a dragon costume that can be made over the weekend.

Like it or not, scrunchies have made a come back. This is a bit of a twist on the classic look.

I’ve always had a soft spot for Japanese sewing patterns. I stumbled across this site which can give you a taste of what they’re like before you dive into more expensive magazines. This Woman’s Button Smock and Gathered Long Skirt are good projects to start with. Needing help with some of the translations? This is a handy reference on common sewing terms.

Lil’ Devil

If you haven’t visited WeAllSew this week, then you’ve probably missed my latest tutorial – so be sure to hop on over to check out the Lil’ Devil Halloween Headband project. This accessory is easy to sew, can fit any size headband, and can be easily altered if you’re needing an animal ear instead (or make a cone shape and make a unicorn horn instead).

This project whips up in about an hour – which makes it perfect for last minute costumes AND chances are you have almost everything you need to make this already on hand. I can’t wait to see what you all come up with!



My grandma once joked that she should have “Everything I touch turns to sh!t” engraved on her headstone… and sometimes I feel the same. While so many of my projects seem to turn out without a hitch, I also seem to have a stream of failures intermixed as well (they really do seem to happen in bunches).

As often as I share my successes, I like to share the losers as well… because we all have projects like those and it’s nice to know we’re not alone. Plus, you can always learn from another’s mistake. So what is my latest misstep? A huge project that was eaten by my embroidery machine. I was 5 hours into my embroidery project when I stopped babysitting my project to go to the bathroom. Of course, that’s when it decided to catch an edge of the fabric, pull it into the stitches, and just go to town. I attempted to fix it, but not only did I rip the material (it’s very delicate), but created holes in the most obvious place. Heartbreak, because this was totally my fault. I would show you the damage, but this is for an article and that would just give too much away.

The upside is that I know exactly what I’m doing the next time around (placement is key in this project) and that I was able to get more material. I’m also going to make sure that I pause the machine for any bathroom breaks.

Linky Thursday

Looking for a fun family costume? Here’s an easy “Baby Shark” themed group (and for those that haven’t been subjected to the song yet, there’s a link for that too).

These circle potholders would make the perfect housewarming or shower gift, but I’m thinking I might make some as a “selfish sew”.

Love the simplicity of Japan’s zakka style? Now you can create styles for you house if you win a copy of Zakka Home.

This grommet wrap skirt is a fun way to use notions besides bags.

Stay warm, look cute in this fun to wear cowl neck hoodie.

Keep your remotes, magazines, reading glasses handy when you make this great 5 pocket arm chair caddy for you living room.

Give fair isle a whole new look with this fabulous Star Wars themed sweater.

These linen bloomers look comfortable for little ones to play around in.

I’m still hoping to squeeze out just a bit more summer like weather so I can make this cute, long romper.

Learn how to create an adorable tooth fairy pillow inspired by the book Unlimited Squirrels: I Lost My Tooth.

This cloche hat is perfect for fall.

Know what makes this  toddler dress so fantastic? It’s reversible – so if you get a spill, bam! it’s a whole new look without bringing a change of clothes!

So you may be thinking, “Christmas already?” when you see this tutorial, but the holiday has already hit the stores in full force. Wanting to get ahead of the sewing\crafting game? Whip up a few of these mini stockings.

This dropped shoulder shirt is a great way to change up the look of traditional tees\tops…. plus it’s free!

It wouldn’t be Halloween without a few witches. Learn how to sew you own witch hat with this tutorial.

Need a quick costume or just have a unicorn lover in your house? Learn how to make a unicorn hoodie from a purchased jacket.


What a Difference

I’ve been working on several large embroidery pieces lately. I had really wanted to do this design on leather (I know, detailed embroidery like this doesn’t usually work that well, but I’m a rule breaker) so I started on the copper goat skin (middle). The design worked beautifully, but the skin is so shiny it really detracts from the overall design, plus it didn’t match my hardware….

My second attempt was the pink calf skin (top). In the back of my head, I sort of knew this wasn’t going to work – it’s just too supple. From a distance, it looks “ok”, but even with a small leather needle, you could see the holes and it stretched just enough that the design shifted out of alignment ever so slightly. I stopped mid stitching on this one because I thought that the roses would just rip the whole thing entirely.

My last attempt was a home decor weight cotton. It stitched out perfectly and looks great.

So what was the whole point about this post? First off, material matters – not all fabrics are alike and respond differently to the design you’re stitching out. If you can, test swatch! Secondly color matters! All of these were used with the same colors, (with the exception of the antlers on the copper version, I swapped out for a slightly darker shade after), but look quite different on their background.

Second Attempt

I went back to the drawing board after my failed kimono project and “reworked my numbers” and got a much better version this time around. Not only did I adjust the sleeves, but also the center front depth, and decreased the length. The previous version was about 2 1/2 inches longer and looked more like a robe then something you might wear with pants.

This fabric seems to have a similar vibe, but instead of a rayon crepe material, I used a Liverpool with a crepe like texture. It has a great drape, but lacks some of the sheerness that I had in my failed version.

All I have left to do is to put in the hems…. and then probably make  shirt to go with this. LOL

Epic Fail

This weekend I decided to make myself a kimono – sketching out a pattern\measurements that I wanted to use. I was so confident in how I drafted it that I pulled out my “good” fabric (a great crepe rayon that I got in a SoSewEnglish bundle)… but even as I was cutting I could see that things weren’t quite right in the front, but I forged ahead and got this. An Epic Fail.

While this looks pretty decent on the manequin, keep in mind that there are no hems and the front barely covers the bust. Plus, I realized that I took in too much for the sleeve so it not only feels tight, but further pulls the front off the bust. Bummer, I thought this was going to be pretty cute.

So, today, I’m determined to rework my design – I have some ideas what I’m doing differently this time, so I’m guessing I’ll see some dramatically different results. More tomorrow.