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Between Halloween sewing, project deadlines, random inspirations that lead to new garments, and time consuming embroidery (and let’s not mention the failed projects), October kind of turned up as lacking as far as completing a lot of things that I got to share with you all. Now that this month is over, it’s time to get back to some fun stuff.

First up, Hey June’s Union St. Tee. I need another t-shirt pattern like I need a hole in the head, but I’ve been seeing this one around a lot lately and decided to give it a whirl. Unlike some of my other patterns, this one looks a bit more relaxed so I’m anxious to see how the final fit is on me. For my first version, I decided to cut into my faded camo that I bought several months ago in a bundle. I’ve been saving it up for just the right project and I think that it will look great sewn into a v-neck!

Back Bling

So, my attempt a making “Bamboo Back Bling” for Easton’s Halloween costume didn’t quite go as planned (I’ve attached the inspiration picture so you can see what we were going for)… I honestly thought this would be a piece of cake, but of course nothing ever quite goes as planned.

The first issue was cutting. I totally thought I could quickly hacksaw each piece myself. Apparently, we don’t own a hacksaw…. so Bret had to use a circular saw to cut it all (I did try a hand saw first which really did nothing but make me feel like I might lose a finger!).  Next came painting – it just was too green! So I wound up distressing it some (which looks better in person than on the photo). The came the issue of attaching everything together. Initially, I thought that I could just glue it all together, but never took into consideration that all the pieces wouldn’t lay evenly together (the rods aren’t perfectly straight plus you have the intermittent nodules)… so we had to place screws inside the ends of the rods to keep them together. Adding the rope and fake greenery? That was totally easy.

We still have to attach the straps so they can be worn, but thankfully the hardest (let’s hope) part is over. The full costume reveal will be on Friday!

Linky Thursday

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With Halloween only a week away, I figured I had better get started on Easton’s Halloween costume. This is where I’m at today…. all I have left is the elastic around the wrists and ankles.

I wound up making a few alterations to this pattern: First off, the belly is way too small for what I needed. I wound up extending this so that if falls about 6″ above the crotch line (I also eliminated the “dip” on the top edge so that it is rounded and not heart shaped). Secondly, I took in the costume almost 1″ on all the seams. It’s a very “roomy” costume, but he was wanting something more fitted like his Fortnite skin inspiration (you can see the photo of what he is after in this post).

Today it’s work on the bamboo back bling part of his costume. I think I have it figured out as to how it should be constructed so I think I’m ready to get started!


This week I’m working hard to finish a few upcoming deadlines. One of them is a rather large project for Creative Machine Embroidery. When I say large, I mean that there are quite a few hours of machine embroidery involved (roughly 9) so there’s no room for error as I really don’t want to have to start over (again)! With this project (although this probably stands for almost any embroidery placement), precision is key so I’m double checking my work, and giving my quilting rulers a good work out. What is everyone else working on this week?


I had good intentions on posting Friday, but then, on a whim, decided to recreate a dress that had be in my brain all night. I had seen a (music) video on Thursday – I love the song so much that I watched it repeatedly. There’s always LOTS of costuming going on with this band and I found myself thinking about how I could re-create this actress’ dress for myself. By Friday morning, I had it plotted out in my head and was already whipping up a muslin…. and by the end of the day, I had completed the dress!

So how did I do it? Here’s a bit of the lowdown: I wound up using two patterns, Jalie 2805 (the turtleneck version) and the Lisette (3883). In hindsight, I probably could have skipped using the skirt pattern since the top is pretty much just brought down into a straight line (it’s shaped a bit, but not that much), although it did give me a good judgement as to how long I needed to make it. As for modifying the top, I essential cut the front portion of the pattern in two to create the cutout: the lower section is just above the bust while the top portion is a triangle. After creating finished edges, the front pieces are overlapped and treated as one piece. I left off the sleeves and hemmed the raw edges. I made the gloves by tracing my arm, adding a seam allowance and sewing. As a side note, it’s probably a good idea to trace your dominant arm as I found that mine is slightly larger (and fit is a bit different).

As for fabric, my initial mock-up was a bit of stretch pleather that I had leftover from a Halloween catsuit – it had a wonderful stretch and drape (not to mention a heavy shine), but unfortunately, there was not enough to make a full dress. Since I didn’t want to order fabric, I headed to the costume section of Joann. After much waffling, I decided to skip their stretch pleather (even though it has a great shine, the stretch recovery is a bit off and it feels like a cheap raincoat) and went with a black metallic stretch instead. This material had a much better stretch and recovery, but far less shine. It feels more like a fabric, but you’ll still need a Teflon foot to sew with it because it has a bit of tack like pleather.

Overall this was a fun, inspired sew! I am seriously considering wearing this to their concert this weekend, but we’ll see if I chicken out in the end.

Linky Thursday

Don’t miss my Halloween Mask tutorial over at Bernina’s WeAllSew this week! Need more quick costume ideas? This witch hat and caplet are designed to be paired together and this Vampire Cape is unisex (and even fits your favorite pooch).

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When I see cute crochet hat patterns like this, I always think I need to give this hobby a try. And wouldn’t this cowl be a perfect match too?

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Halloween doesn’t have to be scary! Check out this fun Frankenstein fleece pillow (now try to say that sentences 5 times real fast!).

This mug rug doubles as a gift card holder – what a great idea for teacher gifts!


Halloween Mask

Are you ready for another easy Halloween accessory tutorial? Today on Bernina’s WeAllSew you can check out my latest project: The Halloween Mask!

This tutorial helps you create a fabric mask that can be fully reversible and has (self-fabric) Velcro straps. The best part? It’s made with cotton material so the options are endless as to what you can make this in! Plus it fits almost everyone, even the dog.


This weekend we hit the road to take Easton to (finally) fulfill his birthday present: tickets to see Ed Sheeran. I know this is a sewing site, so I won’t go on and on, but what I will say is, “wow that man is talented”. He put on a 2 hour show, by himself, with nothing on stage besides his guitar and a looper machine. Amazing. Not to mention the fact that he filled an entire football stadium… by himself (and it was cold, too).

So I had lofty goals that when we returned last night I would get a sudden burst of energy and whip up something new for today. But alas, no. I was completely sapped of energy and didn’t even think about anything sewing related. So, today, it’s back to the grind. I plan on re-starting the project I flubbed up last week (cross your fingers that I don’t mess it up again), starting Halloween sewing, and tackling a few selfish sews too!


Halloween is just a few weeks away… which means it’s crunch time in sewing up a costume for Easton. This year he has decided on Fortnite’s Panda Team Leader.

Easton has always been one for “authenticity” in his costumes (he will make a great cosplayer some day), so he is wanting “leg armor” and “bamboo back bling” to make his outfit complete.  The first obstacle was finding a “full” panda head he could wear (this was one of his requirements)…. because I’m not even attempting to make that myself. Fortunately, I found one (and cheap too) at Walmart. Believe it or not, my next issue was finding fabric. Why is short, black fur so hard to find? I searched all over and finally settled on some Velboa plush from Fabric Emprie’s Etsy shop. The upside with this is that it doesn’t shed like a “regular” fur and has a soft backing so it’s not uncomfortable to wear. Lastly, there’s the pattern: I opted for Simplicity 2855 – it’s the closest I could get to the actual design without trying to heavily modify a onesie pattern myself (I do plan on taking in the final design to get a slimmer look, but this fabric doesn’t stretch so we’ll see how comfortable that winds up being). As for the back bling, we’re winging it. I found natural bamboo at the store and plan on having it cut down and spray painting it green to give it a similar vibe.

Now the big question. What’s the price breakdown of this outfit? I’m guessing that this will increase slightly as I still need paint and glue for the back bling, but here’s the initial breakdown:

Total Cost:

Pattern….. $1.99
Fabric……. $39.05
Notions…. $5.50
“Props”…. $37.57*

Total $84.11

*Props includes the cost of back bling materials and a giant foam pick axe.