Rockin’ Sweetheart

With the long weekend, I found that I had plenty of time to work on the t-shirt modification I mentioned last week. Before I cut into my fabrics, I did make a minor alteration to the sweetheart pattern:  Since I had decided to use a stretch lace for the front yoke (and sleeves), I thought that the back needed a yoke as well so that the lace looked “continual.”

Overall, everything went together well (although I did have a moment where I thought I had constructed the yokes backward). But the fit? Let me just say, it’s tight…. like a stretchy corset. Since this isn’t my first time making this pattern, I know that the final shirt doesn’t usually end up this way. So, the whole issue has to be the purchased shirt that I used as the base. While the t-shirt seemed to have plenty of stretch, the weirdness of the material just altered the fit. It’s wearable (and actually looks really good on), I just need help taking it off!