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Links for the Weekend

Yesterday we traveled for a funeral. I though I would have enough time to post before we left, but completely underestimated my time! So, without further ado, here is a belated Linky Thursday:

This pocketed table runner is a fun addition to your kitchen table this fall. Need a bit of help with making the bias binding? This tutorial will help!

Gorgeous Fabrics is kicking off her online courses with a Free video tutorial on making a pants pressing board.

This is no ordinary pin cushion. Not only does it sit on your wrist for easy access, but sharpens your pins too.

I love DIY Fluffies patterns – they’re always fun and easy to make (she now has adorable crochet patterns too). Want some for yourself? Enter to win 5 free patterns!

Learn how to make a pleated midi-skirt in any size.

As the weather starts turning cooler, I get the urge to take knitting back up. I wish I had the skills to make this Lumber Jill Cowl.

September is National Sewing month and there’s tons of fun to be had on the internet to celebrate – like Bernina’s Instagram Challenge, complete with weekly prizes!

This canteen bag is the perfect accessory for fall.

Directional fabric can sometimes be limiting on how you can use it. Here’s a great tutorial on how to cut your directional print to make a circle skirt.

I love that this Craft Show Vendor apron has zippered and button pockets to keep important items from falling out. I also like that I’ve seen this used for teachers as well.

A few years ago I used a panel to make a car racetrack for my nephew. This tutorial doesn’t use a panel, but instead applique to make a reversible mat.

Basic Black

Bret’s uncle unexpectedly passed away over the weekend. When I was trying to decide what to wear to the funeral, I realized that in my latest closet purge, I got rid of several items that might have been appropriate. Shopping for something like this is never fun or easy, so I decided to raid my stash and sew something instead.

I decided on Jalie 2034 and a black cotton rayon remnant. I picked this material because it had a nice hand and great drape, but unfortunately, it was a beast to work with. For starters, since it was a remnant, there was barely enough fabric to work with (which required some creative pattern placement) and cut horribly. It sewed fine when I used the serger, but I used my regular machine to apply the neckline binding and it turned out horribly. It was so bad that I decided to turn under the neckline over itself again, which seemed to make things look a lot better.

The only other alteration I made was cutting 2.5 inches off the bottom of the skirt before I added the flounce so that the final length hit me mid-knee. Speaking of the flounce, I should probably note that I also opted to fold under the raw edge (by 3/8″) instead of using a rolled hem (or even leaving it raw) because I just didn’t think the fabric would cooperate.

The fit on this is perfect and I absolutely adore the flounce on the bottom edge. I think the next time I make this I may do another crossover modification and add this cute little design element to add even more interest.

Rockin’ Sweetheart

With the long weekend, I found that I had plenty of time to work on the t-shirt modification I mentioned last week. Before I cut into my fabrics, I did make a minor alteration to the sweetheart pattern:  Since I had decided to use a stretch lace for the front yoke (and sleeves), I thought that the back needed a yoke as well so that the lace looked “continual.”

Overall, everything went together well (although I did have a moment where I thought I had constructed the yokes backward). But the fit? Let me just say, it’s tight…. like a stretchy corset. Since this isn’t my first time making this pattern, I know that the final shirt doesn’t usually end up this way. So, the whole issue has to be the purchased shirt that I used as the base. While the t-shirt seemed to have plenty of stretch, the weirdness of the material just altered the fit. It’s wearable (and actually looks really good on), I just need help taking it off!