Kuchi Kopi

Before our weather warmed up again, I decided to make one more pair of leggings – a Kuchi Kopi print that I had purchased from Silver Fox Fabrics quite some time ago. Once again I used the Clara pattern… Unfortunately, while one yard has been plenty to work with in other prints, it didn’t work out so well this time.

I found this particular print to be really off grain. In an effort to fix it, I sacrificed my layout (I also believe that this is fabric isn’t printed quite as wide as some of the others) and wound up having to cut part of my waistband on the selvage (the selvage was extremely wide). The end result doesn’t look as bad as I anticipated (photo on the right), but it’s still not good. I figure my shirts will cover the white spot so it’s probably not a big deal, but when you sew, you know it’s there!

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