Comic Words

The last few days have given us a brief taste of fall. The blast of cool air makes me want to get started sewing a new wardrobe and what’s better than a new pair of cozy leggings?

Last year I had seen a (ready to wear) company selling something very similar and loved the look. However, I wasn’t familiar with this brand and wasn’t sure what I would be getting so I never purchased it. Fortunately, Knitorious Fabrics designed a print that had the same sort of vibe as my inspiration. For my version, I used the Clara legging pattern and the comic words fabric that I received last month…. and it’s LOVE. The fabric has great stretch (so they feel fabulous on) and even after washing the colors stayed very vibrant. They are a bit “loud”, but they’re perfect for ComicCons, trips to the comic book store, or just because it’s Wednesday!


1 thought on “Comic Words

  1. PsychicSewerKathleen

    I sent a message to Knitorious on fb and mentioned I had read about them here on your blog. The problem is that I cannot determine from their web site or fb info where they are shipping from! Are they in the US? If so, there would be no point in joining since I won’t order from the US (I’m Canadian) – the shipping, difference in the dollar, customs just make ordering from the US prohibitive.

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