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The Pika

Remember the Loulouxe Skort I made a few weeks ago? I totally adore the way it turned out, but found myself not really being able to wear it because I had nothing to match. So, I solved that problem by stitching up a coordinating Pika!

Let me start off by saying, “What in the world took me so long to make this pattern?” I’ve had this in my stash for a year, but never got around to sewing it up until now. It’s easy to make and looks so flattering on – now I need a bunch of them!

For my first version, I used the fabric remnants from my Loulouxe skort so that everything matched well. I had to be pretty creative with my cutting so the (solid) front and back pieces are 1″ shorter than intended. I used the ‘Just Do It’ print for both the neckline (and facing) and the shelf bra – which looks a lot better than what I had envisioned. I also eliminated the bottom band and hemmed the material instead.

As for sewing, the whole project came together really well. I used the same 1/4″ elastic that I did for the skort and can’t wait for it to be gone – it’s such a terrible quality that I don’t like working with it (and both pieces look pretty shoddy in the areas where it was applied if it’s not being worn). The only thing that tripped me up WAS the elastic section when it says not to stretch it – which you really have to to get it to fit…. so I’m guessing they mean not to stretch the fabric when applying the elastic. Otherwise, this project went together without a hitch! So long as our temperatures keep staying as warm as what they are, keep you eyes peeled for a few more of these before fall.

Linky Thursday

This nail polish bag isn’t just great for taking your colors on the go, it’s divided too so the bottles don’t clank together.

Tired of tangled cords in your bag? These cord keepers aren’t just a great scrap buster, they take just a few minutes to make, too!

It’s never too early to start thinking about the holidays. Enter to win one of five copies of the Christmas Figs block of the month book. Need fabrics to go along with it? Enter to win a fat quarter bundle from Crosscut Sewing.

I recently did a closet purge and got rid of 50+ t-shirts. I should have kept one to make this upcycled grocery sack dispenser.

I’m a sucker for Kawaii so this felt toast keychain really called to me (video tutorial).

Nothing can be a great basic shift dress.

Pencil skirts are simple to make, look great on, and take very little fabric to create. Learn how to make your own here.

This cowl neck top is sleeveless so it’s still perfect for summer weather.

Remember YEARS ago when I went through the box bag making phase (you can get the pattern here)? Well, now someone has made a Box Bag Bag! Guess what I may be sewing next?

With back to school starting, there’s lots of tutorials for supplies. This string backpack stands out because of the crossover pockets on the exterior.

Keep the dust off your machine with a customized cover.

First Day

Well, today is the day. Today is the first day back to school. This year Easton starts 5th grade at a new school… complete with his own locker. We didn’t kick off the school year with any clothing by me, but I do have some in the works. Here’s what’s on my agenda:

Jalie’s polo shirt – Surprise, this is a pattern that I don’t already own! But I’ve been thinking about making some wicking polo’s for both Easton and Bret – especially for when they play golf together. I also have an awesome superhero print that I think might be fun to use with this pattern too!

Jalie’s classic oxford – This is another pattern I don’t own, but I have an itch to try. With Easton’s age\build, he’s really on the upper end (or out of) children’s sizing in a lot of pattern companies, but he’s also not quite big enough for a lot of men’s either. Jalie’s is perfect because it covers so many size ranges! I have a really awesome Converse shoe print I picked up at Emma One Sock (lI didn’t order quite enough so let’s hope I can make it work) and want to use my Cricut to make an iron on that would go with it.

Hoodie – You can never have to many jackets! I purchased some of this Under Armour Cold Gear several months ago and think it would make the perfect transitional jacket. I don’t have a pattern in mind and am still debating if this should be a 1/4 zip or full zip hoodie.

Jalie’s Nico – Just because I love to sew this pattern and Easton love’s to wear it.


Fold Over Bargain

I had mentioned last week that I tried shopping on Wish for some sewing items and was pleased with what I got. So how did my second attempt turn out? Awesome!

This time around I purchased 2 colors of fold over elastic (5 yards, each) for $4. Yes, you read that right, $4 total – including shipping. It arrived 2 weeks from the day I ordered it and the elastic seems to be great quality. Of course the real test is sewing it up (and washing), but overall, I’m extremely pleased. I think I may got back and order a few more colors!

For anyone that is interested, there are several “stores” selling elastics, I purchased these from “zmckgv shops”.

Zippered Bag Take One

This weekend I tackled a few small projects that have been on my “to-do list” for awhile.

Since Easton not only started wearing contacts, but has braces this year too, I figured he needed to stash the essentials… so I made a bag that he can keep in his locker. While the bag looks ok from  the photo, I really didn’t think the construction through, so the interior is not completely “finished” (the bottom is finished, the sides are not) – DRAT!  Even though it’s not “perfect” this bag will work out just fine – the only one who will see it is Easton and I’m pretty sure he doesn’t care what the inside of it looks like.

I still need to make an ear bud case so I’m going to plan that out a little bit better!

Mojo’s Back!

With school starting next week, summer is finally coming to an end. While I love having my son home and our freedom to do pretty much “whatever”, I’m ready for a consistent schedule.

While I’m normally uber productive in the sewing room, the past few months have been very sluggish (as you may have noticed). Between commitments, my mother’s declining health, and just a lack of inspiration I had found myself pretty unmotivated. However, I think I’ve got my mojo back. Apparently, the idea of having a few hours to myself has kicked my sewing mojo back into full speed and I’m ready to sew – so stay tuned for LOTS of finished projects starting next week!

Linky Thursday

Whether you’re working in the kitchen or just have a messy project, this apron is suited for anything you throw at it.

This hooded sleeveless top has lots of interesting details (there are 3 free pattern sizes available).

Use these little coin pouches to stash spare change or even a pair of ear buds.

If you’re looking to be a bit more environmentally friends, you can whip up a few of these Reuseable “Paper” Towels.

Enter to win a $50 gift certificate for customized patches and iron-ons that can personalize your next project.

Skip the leggings and go for a pair of harem pants instead.

If you’re squeezing in a road trip before school starts, you’ll definitely want to stitch up one of these adorable Road Trip Pillowcases.

With a new season right around the corner, I always feel inspired to start a new bag to carry. The Lauren Bag, this boxy tote with yarn wrapped handles, or this weekender looks like fun places to start.

Who says infinity scarves have to be for adults? This version is actually a fashionable bib!

Give new life to pants that are too short – learn how to transform them into a skirt!

I stumbled across this Cathedral Window playmat this morning and was in awe how gorgeous it was. So pretty, I’m sure that I couldn’t actually let my baby play on it.

School Supplies

School is a week away (where did the summer go?) and we’ve manged to get the supply shopping done. One thing Easton was disappointed by was the lack of boy themed items – locker decorations, notebooks, and even pencil pouches are pretty heavily dominated by girl stuff. Last year’s Zipper Binder Pouch held up incredibly well, but Easton decided he wanted a new one.

So, we purchased a plain black zipper pouch and I added some heat transfer vinyl to embellish it. I tried low heat settings first because I was afraid that I would melt the case’s material , but had the hardest time getting the vinyl to stick. After cranking up the temperature to 300 everything stuck and nothing melted – just a tip in case anyone is interesting in trying this themselves!

Linky Thursday

Ball frame hardware is the perfect way to add style to a simple bag structure. Learn how to use them here, then make a stunning purse for a night on the town.

I love sewing casserole carriers, but now I think I’m going to have to start making pie carriers too because I love the way this looks!

Transform a t-shirt into a girl’s maxi dress (the same idea would work for adults too!).

Add personality to your pencil pouches by making your own. This one is designed to fit inside binders (shameless plug). Looking for something that can be stashed in a desk? This shark version has a ton of personality!

This case is designed for crochet hooks, but would work great as a artist or makeup brush roll too.

Next to leggings, sweatpants are the most comfortable things to wear.

Send your college student back to the dorms with this super cute laundry bag with a fun applique.

Sometimes hot pads and trivets just aren’t large enough for those big pans. This tutorial fixes that problem.

Get ready for back to school by making a few of these lunch bags. Need something smaller? How about these snack bags?

It may still be sweltering outside, but in my mind I’m sewing for fall. I think I may make a few of these slouchy beanies to go with my wardrobe.

This little piggy ball is so darn cute. It’s perfect for little ones to hold, but I’m pretty sure my dog would like it too.