Do you ever see those advertisements for the app Wish? You can occasionally get great deals on all sorts of weird stuff (full disclosure, I have a unicorn onesie coming today), but the catch is you have to wait about a month for it to arrive.

I decided to take the plunge and try buying some sewing related items – I started off with some lace appliques. There were about 8 to chose from, but I went with the lacy skull and a white V shaped lace (I figured I could always dye it the color I needed) that could be used on the front or back of tops.

These items arrived in a little over 2 weeks and the quality is very nice. The best part? I paid $4 for both of these! Now I just need to figure out what in the world I want to make with them. Needless to say my first sewing Wish purchase was a success – I was so pleased I decided that I would give some fold over elastic a try (if you decide to buy some too, be sure to read the product reviews – some have a better quality that others as some are intended for hair ties)

2 thoughts on “Wish

  1. Amy

    Oh I didn’t know they had sewing items! We’ve bought several things (clothing mostly) but also we got several Yeti tumblers for our and about. The clothes can be hit or miss – we learned to read all reviews very carefully after receiving a skirt that was supposed to be midi- length and just barely covered my teenagers bottom when it arrived.

    1. stacy Post author

      The clothes have been hit or miss – and I hear you on the short dresses! I got one and it’s too short to wear as a dress, but too long to wear as a top.

      I’ll keep you posted on the notions through Wish – I’m anxious to see the quality of these elastics. If they’re good, it was a steal!

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