Heat Wave

It’s so hot out, I’m having hard time starting sewing a fall wardrobe. I had recently purchased several fabrics from SoSewEnglish so I decided that I would make some “transition pieces” – a few things that have that fall vibe, but you can wear even when it’s sweltering out (August is a pretty hot month here).

This weekend I sewed up a pair of Heat Wave Hot Pants in a boho style Liverpool fabric. I adore my original version so I was anxious to have a second pair. Except…. I don’t love these nearly as much. I think a lot of it boils down to the fabric. The first pair I made was in a Ponte double knit – it has a nice hand, but beefier weight – I found that they have a more “fitted” look to them while still having a ton of stretch. The Liverpool is much thinner – I found these had a looser look to them and that the high waist didn’t look nearly a flattering (it seemed to bubble and makes me look “poochy”). I think I would like the Liverpool version better if it were paired with a different top that what I wore it with (a fitted tee).

So, I’m on the hunt for new Ponte that I like as much as this print. Unfortunately, I picked up a couple of other Liverpool fabrics when I was shopping so I think I may have to rethink how I’m going to use them.

One thought on “Heat Wave

  1. PsychicSewerKathleen

    It never fails to amaze me too what a difference fabric can make especially in knits. Megan Nielsen wrote a post about that recently on her blog whilst making herself a pair of her own jeans pattern. Getting that stretch right but also it’s “beefiness” is critical to how it will look on. My problem is that I hate artificial fabrics and finding a beefy cotton knit with at least some stretch is not a simple task!

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