Summer Lemons

A few weeks ago, a pile of fabrics fell over in my stash closet…. and I realized that I probably need to work on sewing it all down.  So, I decided that one of the first ones that needed to be used was the material that most reminded me of summer – lemons.

My original intent was to make a dress for the wedding we attended last week, but given all the other activities we had going on, this project was pushed aside… but I still need a dresses for some other upcoming events. What did I decide on? Seamwork’s Gabrielle with a modified back so that the yoke does not tie. So far, I’ve printed off the pattern, redrafted the yoke, and cut the fabric. With some very careful pattern piece placement, I managed to use up 2 yards (I was a little concerned at first how that was going to work) but was unable to do any pattern matching. Let’s hope that works out in the end.