Scrub Hat

Last week I had mentioned that Taylor wanted me to start making scrub hats. After searching online, I found one pattern that matched the style she was after. Since this project didn’t look particularly difficult, I decided to go ahead and try it out… so here’s a little summary for those that might be interested in trying this out for themselves:

First off, let me say that this is this guy’s only pattern. I am guessing that he reverse engineered a commercial scrub hat to come up with this pattern because the instructions seem to be written by someone who doesn’t have a lot of experience sewing. This pattern really isn’t complicated to put together, so it works out fine, but I would suggest reading over the directions first, just to make sure you have a handle on the directions (A good example is the crown is placed on the fold.  This isn’t listed on the pattern piece and if you didn’t read through the instructions you would wind cutting out the piece wrong). Overall, things came together well, but I did figure out how to make this look a bit neater and reduce some of the steps some – mostly inserting the elastic on the top of the cap before sewing it to the crown. This not only looks nicer, but also keeps that elastic in place better than doing it at the end.

As for the fit, Taylor thought it was a bit too tall and would like to see about an 1″ shaved off of it…. so, it looks as if I’ll have to redraft the pieces a bit to make this happen. Hopefully I’ll have a chance to get to that this week and make a second version.