Dolman tops are adorable, but a lot of times when they are short sleeved, it’s hard to keep your bra from peeking out from under the arms. The solution, the Bobbie V-neck top! This new release from Jalie was dubbed the “magic tee” because it has a built in facing that conceals undergarments no matter if you’re leaning over or raising your arms high in the air!

This one is also a great instant gratification project as it is easy to make this top in an afternoon. One word of caution, though. This top does not work with double brushed poly. My first try at this was in a DBP and it just did not look right – while the fabric has a great drape, the top clings to the facing too much and creates really unflattering folds and just doesn’t “look right on”. As you can see on the left, my second version (made in a cotton spandex blend) drapes nicely and doesn’t cling to the facing (which is also made in the same material (but would also look fabulous in a coordinating solid). This is one of my favorite patterns, so be on the lookout for more throughout the summer!