Portlander Shorts

I’ve tried the pants. I’ve tried the shorts. Now I can say that I’m officially over the Portlander‘s pattern.

While this version looks adorable, I have to say that these can’t come out of the house. The fabric is on the thin side and fit is a lot “clingier” than what I expected them to be – which is fine for sleeping, but I was hoping I would end up with something more wearable (which is a shame because the stripe matching was perfect). Consequently, I’ll be on the hunt for a new pattern that works great for French Terry – I’m open to suggestions!

I should probably add that I did make a few changes to this pattern. The biggest one is that I shaved of 2″ on the waistband (if you’re adding grommets, you’ll need to adjust the placement). This really helped thin out the overall look and comfort of the waistband, but I think I could have taken off another 1″ and still been fine. I also used French Terry for the waistband which is not necessarily something I would recommend. My fabric had a pretty good amount of stretch, but it’s probably at the bare minimum, so it was a bit more tricky to work with and definitely has a snugger feel around the waist.