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I am starting to accumulate rather large chunks of French terry remnants. They’re not really big enough to do pants or a shirt, but I’m fairly confident that I could squeeze out some shorts with them. I asked around what everyone’s favorite pattern was to use with French Terry and got a pretty overwhelming response: Portlanders.

Admittedly, after my first attempt at this pattern, I threw everything away – I just didn’t see myself making this again (I do wear the lounge pants I made quite often around the house – even though I’m not a fan of the waistband, I do love the fit and feel of them . However, after such an overwhelming response from everyone about it and because I’m opting to make the shorts instead of the pants, I’ve decided to give this one another go. I went ahead and printed everything off again (and left the waistband unmodified, although I may shave off some of the width before I start sewing) and have mentally prepared myself that the directions aren’t that useful.