Beachcomber Pt. 2

One of most talked about styles from the Royal Wedding this weekend had to be Pippa’s dress, which looks very similar to a can of Arizona tea. I thought this was a funny comparison… until I walked into my sewing room on Saturday to finish my romper and thought that my latest project look even more like a can of Arizona tea that what Pippa’s dress did. So here you have it – the Arizona Tea Romper.

But enough about the fabric, how about the pattern? Overall, I really like it. I am not a huge fan of the sleeve bands (next time I would go for a slightly larger sleeve, omit the band, and just hem it), but the fit is good (it’s fitted enough that it doesn’t look like you’re wearing a sac and has just enough blouse at the waistline) and it’s easy to wear. I was pleasantly surprised that my fabric had enough stretch that I didn’t need to add the keyhole to the neckline (I contemplated adding snaps along the crotch if a keyhole looked like it was necessary). I’ll definitely be making this one again, but in a completely different material…. one that doesn’t resemble a beverage or food.