Beachcomber Part 1

Woohoo, it’s the first official day of summer vacation! How to I plan on spending it? Hopefully sewing up the Beachcomber! In an effort to get ready to sew, I went ahead an put the pattern together yesterday and had a lot of thoughts about it already.

First off, there’s a ton of options. It’s a top, it’s a dress, it’s a romper with a skirt, it’s a romper with shorts, it has a variety of sleeve sizes, it has (somewhat optional) keyhole neck… it’s sort of overwhelming. It wouldn’t be so overwhelming if the instructions were better laid out – basically the instructions cover 3 style options; if you want to stray from that configuration that you’ll have to find where it appears in the directions and work it into your design (I think it would have been a better flow if the instructions were broken down into independent sections; say for example how to sew the dress, each of the sleeves sleeves, how to make the rompers, etc.) . Secondly, the print guide is on the pattern itself so I wound up printing the entire pattern before I noticed which pages I really needed. Lastly, I found that it’s very important to read the instructions and the information on the pattern pieces themselves before cutting: there are several cutting lines for each size and it’s confusing which ones you need to use if you’re not reading ahead of time.

With that said, I have managed to cut my pattern out and it’s ready to go. I opted to make the Romper with low rise shorts (and no pockets; this wasn’t an option in the instructions, but easy enough to skip over that part of the pattern), the extra short sleeve, and possibly sans keyhole (the keyhole is needed if your fabric doesn’t have enough stretch so that you’re able to get in and out of the roper itself).  As for the fabric, I think I have settled on this teal floral print that I picked up from Knitpop last year – the only thing keeping me back from using it is the fact that the stretch(iest) part of this fabric goes in the opposite direction of the flowers (the print looks best with the floral going up and down, but the greatest amount of stretch is also in that direction)