Last Day Shirts

Next Thursday is our last day of school. In an effort to not rush to do some last minute designing, I decided that I would go ahead and make shirts now. It’s a good thing I did because what I had intended to do is use the design I bought last year (it had this year’s date) to make an autograph shirt for Easton… but somehow I never could get the image to load correctly (after messing with it for what seemed like hours). So I wound up buying an image from Etsy (this is Easton’s last year in elementary school, so I thought this was appropriate). Honestly, I think this image would have looked better on the back of the shirt, but doing that didn’t leave a lot of room for autographs so I opted for the front.  Let’s hope he wears it!

While I was at it, I made a shirt for Easton’s teacher as well. I used the same fun design as what I made for teacher appreciation gifts last year, but used a rainbow holograph vinyl this time…. and I loved it so much I decided not to weed out the thumbs – because rainbow! I’m pairing this one up with a pair of message socks and a mug for an end of year gift.

Now that I’m ahead of the game and have everything made for the end of the year, let’s bring on all the activities, festivities, and celebrations that the last days bring!