Dress Express

Sometimes, I head to the fabric store for one thing and come home with a bag full of goodies…. last week was one of those weeks. One of the (impulse) items that I picked up? A pre-cut dress kit.  Not only was it a great “basic black”, the fabric seemed lovely (it had a wonderful feel and what seemed like would be a good drape), and everything was cut for you (for me, cutting is the worst part of sewing). To top it off, these kits were on sale (I figured the price of the kit would roughly be what I would have spent on fabric to sew a dress anyway), so I couldn’t pass trying this out, right?

Yesterday I wound up putting everything together, which roughly took about 90 minutes to complete. There are instructions (no illustrations, though) on the underside of the label, but this is pretty straightforward as to how to put this together. So, how about that fit? Actually, it’s pretty good! The fabric is very comfortable and super stretchy (so the fit is very forgiving), but I think it tends to hug just the right places. My only complaint is that the neckline is HUGE. If I actually wore it where it should be (seams directly on the shoulders), a large section of my bra would be showing. I did take off about 1″ along the hemline as well since the finished garment hit me at a weird spot around my knees – I think if you were taller (I’m about 5′ 4″), this would sit at just the right spot.

Overall, not a bad purchase: I love the idea that everything is cut and ready to go and this was a very quick sew (so I have a new dress for Mother’s Day). Plus, aside from the over-sized neckline, I think this is pretty flattering on. There were other prints available in these so I would consider making another one if I found a design I liked and I hit another sale. For those that are interested, these kits are available at Joann’s (but they don’t appear online).