About That Shirt…

Two weeks ago I mentioned that I was working on a shirt for Easton’s birthday. While I did all the graphics on the computer, I didn’t execute the design until yesterday….

Procrastination never pays off and the way this shirt went is proof. First off, I realized that the printable vinyl that I owed was not heat transfer (just regular). Fortunately after digging around in my supplies I found some old sheets of EasyImage stashed away. I also never thought about the size constraints that I would experience with the “print then cut” option. With traditional heat transfer material you can make as long\wide as you like, so long as it fits on the large mat. However, since printable sheets are 8 1/2 x 11 and that a black box needs to be printed around the image so that the machine can “read” where to cut, your design can not be an larger than 9.25″. Boo. Shrinking my image caused it to be too small so I wound up having to stretch\elongate the design so it looks more substantial on the shirt… I think the images look a bit distorted, but no one else seemed to notice.

I also opted to print on “dark fabric” transfer material which means that you don’t need to reverse your image, but also means that in order to iron the image onto the shirt you first release the paper backing… doing this would mean that in my design, all the letters would be loose and need to be reassembled. Consequently, I wound up using carrier paperĀ  to keep everything in place, then released the paper backing from the letters (which by the way, came off perfectly from the “excess” areas, but did not release from the letters themselves), then press. It was a lot of work for something that seemed so simple. Now let’s see how this washes up as I noticed that some of the ink came off on the carrier paper…..