I’m fairly convinced that spring will never arrive (we even had soccer cancelled because the wind chill was too cold!), so I’m still tackling “winter” projects. My latest: Pattern for Pirate’s Women’s Henley. I had seen someone make this one up quite some time ago and was convinced I needed to make it too… I even had a plaid that I though would look perfect with it as well. Then, this weekend, I went to make it and couldn’t get past the first step – the placket.

I folded the placket 3 times (2 different ways, too) and never could get the configuration that was listed in the instructions. I even rechecked my measurements to make sure that I didn’t cut wrong…. and after fiddling with it for ages, I thought, “maybe this shirt doesn’t need a placket”. Then I looked at my fabric and thought “this shirt is going to be too plaid otherwise” and just gave it up.

While I’m not new to plackets, this pattern just did not work out for me and I’m still scratching my head how anyone successfully made theirs (this pattern does make a fine shirt, or in my case, sweater). With that said, I think it’s finally time to put aside and the winter stuff and just dive into spring sewing – even if we won’t see it for weeks!



2 thoughts on “Wadder

  1. Cschwab

    Peggy Sagers has a YouTube video on plackets, clarifies for me. I think it is all of seven minutes or something like that. I need to restart those, along with welt pockets- they are very similar so each reinforces the other.

    1. stacy Post author

      I’ve done plackets before, but this one just doesn’t “work out” – it is supposed to have 5 creases, but with the measurements she provides it’s either too small on the width to have 5 creases, or it’s a too short in length placket with 5 creases, but with different measurements. Either way it doesn’t work out the way it’s intended.

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