Knot Tee

We hit a warm spell yesterday and it gave me a taste of spring…. now I have an urge to make clothes with short sleeves. That lead me on a search through patterns and I came across this top paired with Seamwork’s Shelly…. and now I want one. The down side? I can’t find it. I even contacted Seamwork and never got an answer, so I went on a search to find something similar and wound up buying the Selja Knot Tee by Named. Not quite the same (it ties on the side), but I like how the top drapes and it’s been ages since I’ve made something from this company.

With all that said RIGHT AFTER I purchased the Selja, I gave the Seamwork photo another look and thought it looked a lot like their Jane pattern…. Then discovered if you scroll down you’ll find a link to a Block Paper Scissors hack to make this a tie front. Depending on how the Selja turns out, I may be giving this one a whirl next.