The Return

Well, it’s official. The sale of Hancock Fabrics went through and is available through Michael’s stores. The hitch, you can only shop online. From what I’ve gathered, there are no plans to bring the material in stores… which is a bummer because it was a nice option to have when you needed something fast and couldn’t wait for it to ship. I’m interested to see how that model will work for them since I found a lot of Hancock Fabrics “hit or miss” as far as quality¬†(I’m speaking of garment fabrics, I always found their home decor and most quilting cottons very nice) and there are plenty of other options out there that are well established for shipping out fabrics.

None the less, it’s great to see this option back and I’m hoping that the sewing notions section of Michael’s expands some – Hancock was always much better at buttons, trims, elastic, etc. than what Joann’s ever did.