The Aspen

Do you ever feel like not doing a part of a project, so you decide to work on something else? In my case, I didn’t feel like inserting a zipper (into a knit, bleh). Actually, I’ll be honest, I didn’t feel like cutting interfacing so that I could put in the zipper… which is the first step of the hoodie I wanted to make. So instead, I finally printed off the Aspen Pullover and made myself this pattern.

The Aspen is an interesting little top with a kangaroo pocket (the stripe section is actually a panel that is partially sewn to the shirt front so that it creates a pocket), raglan sleeves, a bit of piping, and either a ring or cowl neckline. I really struggled to find fabrics that worked together for this one, so I put together this striped French terry (I only had purchased 1 yard so it was perfect for this project) and a knit that I had found at Joann’s quite some time ago. I actually had to use the ‘wrong side’ of the gray knit as it had gold specks on the ‘right side’ and didn’t work with the stripe at all. While they are two different fabrics, they do have a similar drape (although the weights are slightly different) so they seem to work together well.

Overall, putting the Aspen together was quite simple, but clearly more time consuming than a traditional sweatshirt. Most of the extra time is spent adding piping (I used a fabric strip instead) and centering and sewing the panel onto the front of the shirt. Once you get past all of that, this top has a pretty straighforward construction (do make sure that you read the instructions as you go along, some elements have a smaller seam allowance).  As for the fit, you can expect the Aspen to be a lot more fitted than a traditional sweatshirt – so if you’re on the cusp for sizing, definitely go with the larger one.

Now for my overall impression: I’m not sure if it’s the fabric I selected, the fit, the pattern itself, or a combination of all 3, but I feel like I’m wearing an apron when you look at me head on… I don’t see it in the inspiration photos on the Peek-a-boo site so I’m guessing it’s just my fabric. I think if I make this again, I’ll try a panel instead. In the mean time, I may size this one up, widen the neckline, and eliminate the panel to make a raglan sweatshirt for this week…. believe it or not, they’re predicting snow!