I hope everyone had a Happy Easter (if you celebrate)! Unfortunately this weekend was filled with games, egg dying, and festivities so I didn’t do much in the sewing room to show off. I can attest to some egg kits that we tried this year. The two that caught our eye were Paas’ Color Whip (essentially a food grade foam and dye technique) and Dudley’s Volcanic Eggs (color crystals that stick to a wet egg then fizz when vinegar is dropped on them).

The results? They both look exactly alike. Both were very messy, but was good entertainment for everyone. The foam kit was a lot more work (you had to make the foam with the mix, water and a mixer – shaving cream would have been much easier), but the Volcanic Eggs were a lot messier (go figure) and there wasn’t a lot of color crystals to dye eggs (we may have been very generous with applying them). You can see our efforts below: