And the Winner is…

In my (internal) debate as to which hoodie to make, I finally decided on Ottobre. What won me over? For starters, I know that Ottobre patterns have always fit me well (although it’s been quite some time since I’ve purchased a magazine). Plus, I knew that I only wanted a zip up hoodie design so I was wasting my money with Do It Better Yourself’s version. To top it off, the Ottobre was under $5.

So, yesterday, I downloaded Ottobre’s pattern, taped it together, then realized that I still need to trace off the pattern in my size. I hadn’t realized that when you purchase their digital patterns that they look just like the fold out sheets (road map style) in the magazines. I also forgot (until after I traced everything off) that seam allowances weren’t included, DOH! It was a good thing I realized this before I started cutting. Speaking of cutting, I also decided on a fabric: So Sew English’s distressed knit camo. I purchased this fabric shortly after I made my distressed tee┬álate last year (I loved the way my finished tee looked and felt that I couldn’t resist getting this one too) and have been hanging onto it for “just the right project”.

Needless to say that between the taping, tracing, and cutting this is all I accomplished yesterday. I do have enough camo fabric left over that I think I can (strategically) squeeze a shirt for Easton out of it – I plan on seeing what I can do with it this morning.