Back from a Break

So I probably should have declared last week (spring break) a “blogging holiday” because I am pretty sure that I didn’t walk once into my sewing room. Now that I’m recharged (maybe that’s the wrong word, because I’m still feeling pretty tired from vacation), I’m ready to tackle all those projects that I’ve had rolling around inside my brain. First up? Sweatshirts and hoodies.

It’s still chilly here and I’m thinking my wardrobe to could with some new items to layer in. I have been itching to make a zip-up hoodie for myself for awhile, but discovered that I don’t really have a simple pattern for women (I do have Jalie’s zip front version, but it’s “pieced” and I’m really just looking for a straight-forward design). I started searching and realized – there just aren’t a lot of patterns out thereĀ  like what I’m looking for, but I did stumble across this version from Ottobre and this one from Do it Better Yourself Club (which also has lots of options, but I’ll be honest, I’m probably going to only make the long sleeved zip-up version). I’m still mulling over which one I’ll try.