Last week we were lamenting about the loss of a beautiful fabric company, Free Spirit. This week we can rejoice that someone has purchased the company! Scott Fortunoff announced this week that his family’s company, Studio E Fabrics got the “deal of a lifetime” – I’m excited to see some of our favorite designers will still be in one place.

As for my own update, I’m steadily trying to catch up from last week’s snow\conference days – as much as I like to think I’ll get a lot done while Easton is home, I never do. Consequently, I’m still stitching up a test garment (I really can’t wait to show you everything I’ve been making, trust me you’ll love everything). While I can’t show you what I’m working on, I can show you the cute fabric I’m working with – Gertie’s  Poplin. I think I selected this because it screamed summer to me – and I need that. I’m so tired of winter!

Once I’m done with that project, I’m seriously contemplating starting the denim jacket from Seamwork. Before I do, I need to find a better source for jeans buttons – the Dritz brand that I used this summer were terrible. Anyone have a preferred brand or place to buy?