More Crown

You may remember back in December I made a pair of Crown Royal shorts for Taylor’s roommate’s boyfriend for Christmas. It was such a bit hit that all her roommate’s boyfriends wanted one too. I agreed, but with the stipulation that they had to cut bags (I had horrible hand cramps from cutting so many bags after making the first one). Well, one of the guys finally got all his bags cut and I set to work.

Once again, I used the Walk the Plank PJ Bottoms for the pattern – this time in a slightly larger size (large)… and I can say that I only needed 2 more bags than a medium. Even with having the bags cut, creating the “Crown fabric” was still quite a bit of work, but they will be some of the coolest shorts come spring break! There is one more roommate that wants shorts, but in an Apple Crown bag version (these green bags are a lot harder to come by and I’m pretty sure they have to buy them on eBay to finish out their collection), so stay tuned for one more!