With the crazy snow day\school conferences week we had, I found myself not getting a lot of time to sew. I did, however, manage to squeeze in one project – the Portlander Pants.┬áThis project has been dominating my social media feeds lately and I was swayed by how comfy and cute they all wind up looking.

I had just enough material left over from my Jalie pleated cardigan to make the legs and used a knitted fabric for the waistband (since it has more stretch than the French terry) – unfortunately, I had to leave off the (optional) drawstring and pockets because I just couldn’t squeeze those in too.

Sewing this one up is pretty straightforward, which is a good thing because I think that the instructions are terrible. A great example at how horrible they are is the creation of the drawstring holes – there is no indication of where exactly to place them, how far apart they should be or even the buttonhole length…. you’re pretty much left to figure that out yourself (it’s not located on the pattern piece either).

As for the fit, they are fine. They look good in the butt (actually, for lounge pants they look pretty flattering) and upper legs, but the lower legs are very swishy (there is a bit of a flare) and are pretty long. I didn’t bother to alter them because I am sure that these pants look too much like pajama pants to leave the house anyway. The worst part for me is the waistband. Even though it looks too tiny to wear comfortably, it has plenty of stretch and feels fine, but the width is way too big – it’s like I’m wearing maternity wear.

Alright, so I can say that I’ve tried these now and am not really sure I’m a fan. They do sew up quickly and make a fine looking lounge pant, but I’m not sure any of my creations will make it past leaving the house most days… plus that waistband needs some serious alteration. If you’re contemplating this one and like the results, go ahead and give it a try – just be aware the directions won’t help you much is sewing this one up.