Linky Thursday

Even if cats aren’t your thing, you’ll definitely love the shape of this adorable bowling style bag.

If toys are taking over your tub, then you’ll want to check out this mesh bag tutorial just for the bathroom!

The prettiest way to give cash.

Easter is rapidly approaching, get ready by finding what basket you’ll make this year. Don’t want to make an entire basket? Stitch up a cute drawstring chick instead.

Win a $50 gift certificate to make your own custom patches.

Eventually, spring will finally arrive (we have another snow\ice day here) and this cap sleeve tee shirt refashion would be adorable to wear.

Take your projects on the go with a pretty craft bag tote.

Knit pencil skirts are so easy to make, why buy them anymore?

Skip Spoonflower and create your own custom painted fabrics.

Transform a button-down shirt into a cute off-the-shoulder look!

Last summer, we discovered you can “air pop” popcorn in the microwave with nothing other than a paper bag (we even skipped the oil). Why I never though of sewing one up for this, I’ll never know.

One thought on “Linky Thursday

  1. Amy Marohl

    Aw, thank you SEW much for mentioning my microwave popcorn bag sewing tutorial article. Your teens and college kids (with microwaves) will love them! They are popular at craft shows as graduation gifts too.

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