Mama Bridgette

With the promise of spring right around the corner, I couldn’t resist trying out Made 4 Mermaid’s latest release, Mama Bridgette – a cute lacy bralette that is perfect for wearing under peek-a-boo tees and tank tops.¬†Fortunately, I have a wonderful local shop (they do phone orders, too) that specializes in all things lingerie, Needle Nook Fabrics, so I was able to gather all the stretch lace and elastics that I needed to set to work immediately.

Let me start off by saying, for what seems like a simple bra, there are quite a few pieces to make it – that also means that sewing on this project takes quite awhile too (between cutting and sewing this bra probably took me most of the day – although I think next time it will go much faster now that I know what I’m doing). As for the sewing, I found the instructions to be quite clear (there are also lots of videos to watch relating to some of the trickier steps, but I never watched them so I can’t comment as to how they are), so even if you’ve never sewn anything like this before, you should come out with a great looking bralette. One thing I should mention is that I have a lot of extra material left over. I bought enough to make both the Bridgette and Victoria, but still have a yard left over after sewing both of them. I think some of it is just very conservative cutting, but just be aware if you decide to try this as some stretch laces can be quite expensive!

As for the fit, I actually think I could have gone up a cup size. I had carefully measured to make sure what size to cut, but after putting it on, I feel like “the girls” could easily pop out if I had to sprint… which is a shame because this set is really cute. I’m sure that I’ll still wear it, but I’ll just have to be careful when I do. I may give this pattern another go and try it in a different size to see what happens.