Links for the Weekend

Have an Instant Pot, but want to keep it covered when you’re not using it? Check out this tutorial to make it a custom cozy.

This tutorial not only teaches you how to make your own faux chenille, but learn how to transform it into a cute Valentine heart pillow.

No more throwing wet towels over your shoulder while you’re working in the kitchen. This towel scarf is a similar concept, but sounds less messy.

One of these days I’m going to break down and make one of the upcycled rag rugs. Maybe I should just shoot smaller and start with these trivets.

Have an embroidery machine and want to be able to digitize your own sayings? Enter to win this contest and you’ll receive digitizing software and 5 free font bundles!

Sewing underwear sounds much harder than what it really is. Give it a try yourself with this free pattern.

Love llamas? Even if they’re not quite your thing, I think you’ll still want to make this Llama Love Garland for Valentines.

This is no ordinary pincushion, it’s a caddy too.

Probably one of the cutest ways to carry your keys: the puppy key pouch.

Show off your love of sewing with this fun tape measure bracelet.