As I sat down to write Linky Thursday today, I got a phone call from school saying that Easton is sick. Once again the dreaded stomach bug has struck, so instead of my usual post, I present to you my latest make, Made 4 Mermaids Mama Victoria. I bought this as part of a bundle because I was very interested in making their Bridgette Bralette pattern and figured I’d go ahead and give this a whirl.

Let me start off by saying the Victoria “cheekie” is incredibly similar to Jalie’s 2561 – except the crotch lining is different and the Victoria version has an option for making this one up in a knit with lace trim – which is what I started with. There are cutting videos available (which I didn’t watch) so I wasn’t really sure if I should go with the 6″ or 8″ cut line so I wound up splitting the difference and just making it 7″. The instructions are ok, although there aren’t that much to making these, but I was left with lots of questions (what size do I cut the fabric? I’m guessing that is a personal choice, but adding lace lengthens it some so do you allot for that? Should you add the lace along the edge or place the lace further in and trim off the excess fabric? Same idea goes for the waistband). I also really didn’t care for the lining on this one as it is very large (about a pantyliner size) and would be very obvious where you sewed it in.

Overall the Victoria is a fine pattern, but with having the Jalie already in my stash (with more options and a better lining), I think I could have skipped buying this one.