A Better Way?

My husband recently sent me this link about an Easier Way to Thread a Needle. I have to admit, I got a little excited – like what sort of magic is this? Then I tried it (this video shows you how)… and had a big ‘ole fail.

I think it may be because they used a thicker cotton thread (I used a “standard” spool) or that I was rubbing too aggressively – my thread behaving nothing like that in the video. Consequently, I’ve decided I’m ok with doing it the poking the thread through the eye – I pretty consistently get it on the first try and this technique wouldn’t work with inserting thread through a sewing machine needle anyway.

So has anyone gotten this to work?

One thought on “A Better Way?

  1. Annie

    That is a pretty large needle with a large eye. Those of us who use, say, a #10 quilting needle will never be able to get that to work. Old-fashioned method or very fine needle threader will (eventually) do the trick.

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