Ravenwood Messenger

If you’re a member of the Bag of the Month Club then chances are you saw the new pattern release yesterday for the Ravenwood Messenger. I had a great opportunity to test out this bag for Betz White and I’m thrilled that I can finally show you my version!

Let me start off by saying that this may be one of my absolute favorite bags that I’ve made. It has a ton of great features: pleated front pockets that close with fun clasps, a great tech pocket (which includes a zippered mesh pocket as well as cord\cable holders- shown below on the right), padded slip pockets, zippered closure, grab handles, and detachable strap…. when you put them all together, you wind up with a very professional looking messenger. I also love that this messenger isn’t, boxy. Instead it has angled sides to give it a bit different look than what’s already out there.

As for construction, it’s pretty easy (I know with all those components you would think it’s more difficult) – I would rate it advanced beginner to intermediate. You have several zippers (5) to contend with and the bias edges that may give new bag makers some pause. Honestly, though, mine came together without a hitch – I didn’t even find it bulky to sew. Plus it had tons of topstitching (which I love to do). I even decided to go bold on this bag and use a very contrasting (red) thread. I think that the end result looks pretty good (I have found that some bags have so much bulk or weird shapes that when it comes to topstitching, my stitches don’t look straight or smooth).

Can you tell I’m gushing? I really did love sewing this one up and if I need another bag, I’m definitely making this one again. If you’re interested in making this up, there’s still an opportunity to join the Bag of the Month Club to get this (and 5 more bags released this year) or you can wait until this one is released by Betz in her shop after this round of BOMC has come to a close (sometime in July).

One thought on “Ravenwood Messenger

  1. Kathy

    I loooove your bag!!! I definitely want to make a few of these. I will have to wait for the summer though. I have joined BOTM before, but although all the bags are nice, I don’t have a need (ot time) for all of them. So now I just wait and purchase the ones I love and will use.

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