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Linky Thursday

Even if cats aren’t your thing, you’ll definitely love the shape of this adorable bowling style bag.

If toys are taking over your tub, then you’ll want to check out this mesh bag tutorial just for the bathroom!

The prettiest way to give cash.

Easter is rapidly approaching, get ready by finding what basket you’ll make this year. Don’t want to make an entire basket? Stitch up a cute drawstring chick instead.

Win a $50 gift certificate to make your own custom patches.

Eventually, spring will finally arrive (we have another snow\ice day here) and this cap sleeve tee shirt refashion would be adorable to wear.

Take your projects on the go with a pretty craft bag tote.

Knit pencil skirts are so easy to make, why buy them anymore?

Skip Spoonflower and create your own custom painted fabrics.

Transform a button-down shirt into a cute off-the-shoulder look!

Last summer, we discovered you can “air pop” popcorn in the microwave with nothing other than a paper bag (we even skipped the oil). Why I never though of sewing one up for this, I’ll never know.

Pleated Cardigan

On Friday, Taylor had a Nightingale Commitment Ceremony to recognize her entering into the nursing program this year. I woke up that morning and decided that I needed something new to wear for the occasion, so I downloaded Jalie 2619, grabbed some French Terry that I purchased (yes, another floral stripe), and went to work. By the end of the afternoon, I had this pretty cardigan.

Needless to say, this project went together pretty quickly and the fit is beautiful. Unfortunately, the pleating details (around the shoulder to about the waist line) sort of got lost in the fabric’s pattern, but it does shape the cardigan so it’s not a boxy fit. Overall, I love the outcome – I’m sad that I didn’t give this pattern a try sooner!


Surprisingly, today wound up being a snow (really ice) day from school… which means it might be a good day to sew!

While I have a mountain of projects that I would like to tackle, I keep coming back to the idea of trying the Portlander Pants. Even though they are not really a new pattern, they’ve been dominating my social media feeds lately and may have persuaded me to give this pattern a try…. I think I even have enough French Terry in my stash to give this one a whirl (although this Coral\Mint bundle is also calling my name, quick someone buy it before I do!).

Anyone try this pattern and have some feedback for me?

Tunic Time

The March\April edition of Creative Machine Embroidery magazine will soon be hitting newsstands and inside it you will find one of my latest articles! This month you’ll learn how to create and embellish a pretty tunic pattern. Plus you’ll get tips and tricks on working with linen and lace!

Also included in this issue is a gorgeous leather purse and a fun sewing case (neither are mine, but I’m excited to check them out).

Links for the Weekend

Yesterday I worked up at Easton’s school and somehow the day got away from me before I could post. Things wouldn’t be the same without a little Linky Thursday – so without further ado, here are some fabulous projects to work on this weekend:

If spring still hasn’t sprung where you¬† live, then there’s still plenty of time to sew up one of these drop shoulder tops.

The back on this t-shirt refashion is simply amazing.

Ditch the paper gift sacks and sew your own.

This pretty pleated squares table runner brings a lot of texture to your table.

Learn how to make an easy circle shirt that is quick to sew and looks beautiful on.

With Valentine’s Day behind us, it’s time to think ahead to the next holiday – Easter. These fabric eggs are perfect for the day and make a great scrapbusting project.

Win a bundle of Soiree from QT fabrics.

I’m a sucker for a cute mug rug – the glasses on this retro style is simply adorable.

Need to add a bit of drama to you wardrobe? This skirt tutorial uses LED (color changing) lights and that will make you glow!

Considering how many plastic bags we have under our sink, I should really make one of these holders.

I love bags that you can sling over your shoulder, but still look fashionable – like this beautiful faux leather drawstring tote.

Free Spirit

I think it’s probably safe to say that the sewing community was rather shocked yesterday when Free Spirit and Westminster fabrics announced that they were being shut down by their parent company, Coats & Clark due to lack of profitability. This effects big name designers such as Amy Butler, Joel Dewberry, Kaffe Fassett, and Tula Pink – just to name a few. The last day for operations is May 1 – so if there was a print that you’ve been after, this is the time to snag it.

Many of the designers have begun releasing statements on the issue through social media – it’s too soon to say where they will go next, but I’m sure many of them will not have any problems finding new homes. In the mean time, I’m sad that such a beautiful fabric resource is gone – I hope this isn’t a trend.


Mama Bridgette

With the promise of spring right around the corner, I couldn’t resist trying out Made 4 Mermaid’s latest release, Mama Bridgette – a cute lacy bralette that is perfect for wearing under peek-a-boo tees and tank tops.¬†Fortunately, I have a wonderful local shop (they do phone orders, too) that specializes in all things lingerie, Needle Nook Fabrics, so I was able to gather all the stretch lace and elastics that I needed to set to work immediately.

Let me start off by saying, for what seems like a simple bra, there are quite a few pieces to make it – that also means that sewing on this project takes quite awhile too (between cutting and sewing this bra probably took me most of the day – although I think next time it will go much faster now that I know what I’m doing). As for the sewing, I found the instructions to be quite clear (there are also lots of videos to watch relating to some of the trickier steps, but I never watched them so I can’t comment as to how they are), so even if you’ve never sewn anything like this before, you should come out with a great looking bralette. One thing I should mention is that I have a lot of extra material left over. I bought enough to make both the Bridgette and Victoria, but still have a yard left over after sewing both of them. I think some of it is just very conservative cutting, but just be aware if you decide to try this as some stretch laces can be quite expensive!

As for the fit, I actually think I could have gone up a cup size. I had carefully measured to make sure what size to cut, but after putting it on, I feel like “the girls” could easily pop out if I had to sprint… which is a shame because this set is really cute. I’m sure that I’ll still wear it, but I’ll just have to be careful when I do. I may give this pattern another go and try it in a different size to see what happens.


Sometimes the ideas in my head don’t work out the way I had envisioned them. I think it’s always important to share the fails as much as the successes so here is my latest:

Let me start off by saying, while the embroidery I worked on looks nice in the photo, on the project, it’s very blah. Tonal can be a beautiful thing, but this just didn’t work out the way I thought it would. Maybe the project just needs more emboridery to make this work – at least that may be something to play around with.

Links for the Weekend

Have an Instant Pot, but want to keep it covered when you’re not using it? Check out this tutorial to make it a custom cozy.

This tutorial not only teaches you how to make your own faux chenille, but learn how to transform it into a cute Valentine heart pillow.

No more throwing wet towels over your shoulder while you’re working in the kitchen. This towel scarf is a similar concept, but sounds less messy.

One of these days I’m going to break down and make one of the upcycled rag rugs. Maybe I should just shoot smaller and start with these trivets.

Have an embroidery machine and want to be able to digitize your own sayings? Enter to win this contest and you’ll receive digitizing software and 5 free font bundles!

Sewing underwear sounds much harder than what it really is. Give it a try yourself with this free pattern.

Love llamas? Even if they’re not quite your thing, I think you’ll still want to make this Llama Love Garland for Valentines.

This is no ordinary pincushion, it’s a caddy too.

Probably one of the cutest ways to carry your keys: the puppy key pouch.

Show off your love of sewing with this fun tape measure bracelet.


As I sat down to write Linky Thursday today, I got a phone call from school saying that Easton is sick. Once again the dreaded stomach bug has struck, so instead of my usual post, I present to you my latest make, Made 4 Mermaids Mama Victoria. I bought this as part of a bundle because I was very interested in making their Bridgette Bralette pattern and figured I’d go ahead and give this a whirl.

Let me start off by saying the Victoria “cheekie” is incredibly similar to Jalie’s 2561 – except the crotch lining is different and the Victoria version has an option for making this one up in a knit with lace trim – which is what I started with. There are cutting videos available (which I didn’t watch) so I wasn’t really sure if I should go with the 6″ or 8″ cut line so I wound up splitting the difference and just making it 7″. The instructions are ok, although there aren’t that much to making these, but I was left with lots of questions (what size do I cut the fabric? I’m guessing that is a personal choice, but adding lace lengthens it some so do you allot for that? Should you add the lace along the edge or place the lace further in and trim off the excess fabric? Same idea goes for the waistband). I also really didn’t care for the lining on this one as it is very large (about a pantyliner size) and would be very obvious where you sewed it in.

Overall the Victoria is a fine pattern, but with having the Jalie already in my stash (with more options and a better lining), I think I could have skipped buying this one.