A Bundle Breakdown

After doing pretty good about not buying fabric for the past several months, I broke down yesterday and bought a So Sew English bundle. In all fairness, it was a print that I had my eye on (an it’s cotton spandex, so it’s a lot more versatile) and it was on sale (with code BBB20), so how could I pass it up? Although full admission, I already have a different tattoo print in my stash – I just thought this version looked more masculine and maybe could be used for Easton at some point.

I also broke down and bought a new pattern: Made 4 Mermaid’s Bridgette and Victoria Bundle. I couldn’t resist the cute bralette and figured that I may as well give the cheekies a whirl too – although they remind me a lot of Jalie 2568 (I guess I can compare the two and see which I like better). That also means that a trip to Needle Nook is in order so that I can pick up some stretch lace to work on these!