Sweatshirt Knock-off

Apparently, my (current) favorite pattern is Jalie’s sweatshirt (3355), because I have managed to make it again…. this time in Easton’s size. Event though this is predominantly a women’s pattern, it is also listed for boys so I figured I would give it a whirl. I gathered up some French Terry that I had purchased last year at Joann’s and traced off a size O – this is one size up from what he generally wears, but he likes his sweatshirts “roomy” and I figured this would last him another year unless he goes through a big growth spurt.

Since I opted to sew this sweatshirt entirely in the French Terry, I wound up lengthening the cuff, hem, and neck bands to accommodate the fabric’s limited stretch. While this fabric does have quite a bit of stretch over all (although not as much as a rib knit), the recovery is so-so and I figured stretching it that much would make the final shirt look terrible.

Once I was finished with construction I added an adidas logo with my Cricut (a quick Google search will give you vector logos for a lot of brands that can then be added to Design Space) and a flocked vinyl. This was my first time trying out the flocked HTV and I am pretty sure I did it all wrong. For one, I cut too deep so I couldn’t weed out any of the excess…. it just popped out! Consequently, I wound up having to transfer the design to a transfer tape, flip it over and then use a second transfer tape to attach it to the shirt. Once it was pressed, it did adhere and peel nicely, though. My only disappointment is that the vinyl isn’t more “plush”.